Alfred Prasad’s culinary philosophy of Heritage, Health and Happiness is at the core of all his restaurants and projects.

OMYA, The Oberoi New Delhi, India

Inspired by India's culinary history, Omya, the new speciality Indian restaurant at The Oberoi, New Delhi offers a narration of the Indian culinary landscape. It pays tribute to the incredible culinary evolution and micro-cuisines that have spawned across the vast Indian subcontinent over the centuries, and presents a gastronomic journey, bursting with Indian flavours and subtle twists. The culinary philosophy at Omya is by acclaimed London based Chef Alfred Prasad, who held a Michelin star for thirteen years along with several other accolades.

Dalchini, Centara Suites and Residences, Doha, Qatar

Dalchini, a progressive Indian restaurant, pays homage to the ancient trade routes filled with bustling souks, streets and precious spices. It takes inspiration from the exotic history and the explosion of ideas that emerged from the exchange of spices, philosophies and cultures.

Suvlaki, Soho and Shoreditch, London

Launched in July 2015, Suvlaki is an award winning sleek, modern, fast casual restaurant serving delicious Greek street food suvlaki in London. The Athenian grill house has provided Soho with a unique new concept from lunch to dinner and prides itself for sourcing and showcasing incredibly fine Greek produce. Chef Alfred Prasad has expanded the menu with delicious sharing plates and helped launch the second edition of Suvlaki in Shoreditch.

"As the owner of Suvlaki, a Greek restaurant launched in Soho in the summer of 2015, I approached Alfred to help us revamp our menu offering. We ended up embarking on a beautiful journey from March 2016 to this day! Alfred’s inexhaustible imagination and creativity elevated our dishes to heights I never imagined we could reach! His vast knowledge of technique and ingredients and his truly impressive palette meant that Alfred tailored his creations to our needs for a Greek inspired menu with great ease whilst his superior understanding of kitchen operations meant that all dishes were created to ensure they were executable by our team and that the corresponding GP margins were attractive. Above all, Alfred’s commitment, integrity and humble character were a great source of inspiration for all staff at Suvlaki, myself included! We opened a second Suvlaki in Shoreditch in July 2017, an achievement that would not have been possible without Alfred’s vast contributions!” Yannis Theodorakakos

Alfred Prasad-Sumeru range of gourmet, heat-and-eat products

Launched in India in November 2018, this line offers wide appeal to Indian consumers strapped for time and seeking convenience without compromising on nutrition and taste. “We have ensured our products sans preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. The cooking process and unique packaging technology (IQF) ensure nutrients and flavours are locked and frozen to be as good as fresh. This is a first-of-its-kind product in the Indian frozen food market, which gives us an advantage over players in the segment,” said Prasad. The current range includes Super Millet Khichdi, Coromandel Roast Chicken and Malabar Pepper Chicken.

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