Gordon Ramsay

“In my ideal kitchen, I’d pick Alan Ducasse from Paris, Australian chef Shane Osborne, Irishman Richard Corrigan from Lindsay House, Alfred Prasad from the Tamarind in Mayfair and Angela Hartnett from the Connaught.” (To BBC Good Food, 2004)

“Alfred deserves the widest recognition. A lot of people take Indian food for granted, but this man is always pushing the boundaries, seeking out new spices and combinations. I think we chefs trained in more classic cuisine have a lot to learn.” (To The Telegraph, 2008)

Conor O’Leary, Joint Managing Director, The Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland

“On behalf of the whole team, I wanted to thank you Alfred for putting on another outstanding culinary experience at The Dormy. Our annual ‘Alfred Prasad Curry Night’ is now one of the most keenly-anticipated events on our calendar, and has raised the bar and helped to reset the pace of Indian cuisine in Scotland. From your menus and approach to ingredients to your kitchen leadership skills and your ability to make every single guest in the room feel welcome – you’re an inspiration to staff and customers alike. We look forward to welcoming you back again next year! Thank you once again,

Yannis Theodorakakos, Founder, Suvlaki, London

As the owner of Suvlaki, a Greek restaurant launched in Soho in the summer of 2015, I approached Alfred to help us revamp our menu offering. We ended up embarking on a beautiful journey from March 2016 to this day! Alfred’s inexhaustible imagination and creativity elevated our dishes to heights I never imagined we could reach! His vast knowledge of technique and ingredients and his truly impressive palette meant that Alfred tailored his creations to our needs for a Greek inspired menu with great ease whilst his superior understanding of kitchen operations meant that all dishes were created to ensure they were executable by our team and that the corresponding GP margins were attractive. Above all, Alfred’s commitment, integrity and humble character were a great source of inspiration for all staff at Suvlaki, myself included! We opened a second Suvlaki in Shoreditch in July 2017, an achievement that would not have been possible without Alfred’s vast contributions!

Mark Neukomm, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain

“We truly had a wonderful experience and you were certainly one of the highlights. Your flexibility, eagerness to please, and willingness to accommodate one’s individual taste is remarkable. Everything you prepared was so wonderful exemplified the authentic flavors and immense diversity of Indian cuisine. Our valued clients and customers have been raving about your culinary expertise and many were already asking when you are coming back.”

Bhawani Singh Shekhawat, CEO, The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK

Alfred is the Chef Ambassador for The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK. He not only brings tremendous energy and heart into creating greater momentum for our work but is a total font of good ideas in helping us create more opportunities to serve. His knowledge of the food chain, its impact on our bodies and minds is not only expansive but his ability to convert that into the simplest of recipes which we can then serve the millions we do is even more impressive. He is also a wonderful presenter and has often stepped forward to speak on our behalf. He completed the Ride London 100 miles, fund raising for us and has hosted dinner events and other promotions to raise awareness of our work. As we expand our services to serve more and more in the UK and India, we know we can rely upon Alfred and his consummate skills and the deep desire to serve the cause for good food for all.

Shamindra Fernando, General Manager, Aditya resorts, Galle, Sri Lanka

“Chef Alfred effortlessly merged flavours and foods from different genres to create the sublime. Our own kitchen team were grateful for the opportunity to work and learn from Chef Alfred and we have already incorporated some of his techniques and flavours into our menu and have been enriched by the knowledge that he imparted.”

Emma Culingford, Head of fund-raising, Action Against Hunger, UK

“Alfred has loyally supported Action Against Hunger for many years as one of our chef ambassadors. He has helped us in many ways from fundraising in his restaurants, donating money can’t buy auction prizes, cooking for us at a variety of high-profile events and being one of our 5 Star chefs for our restaurant stand at Taste of London Winter. In 2014 Alfred took part in our India cycle challenge with other chefs and restaurateurs helping us raise over £120,000. It is an absolute pleasure working with Alfred, he is always committed to the cause and passionate about raising funds and awareness for the life-saving work that Action Against Hunger does. His dedication to supporting our organisation has allowed us to continue saving lives in 47 countries and providing communities with access to clean water and sustainable solutions to hunger. We are incredibly grateful for Alfred’s support and look forward to many more years of working together. Thank you Alfred!”

Chitra Stern, Founder & CMO, Martinhal family resorts, Portugal

“Alfred Prasad delivered two fabulous dinner events at our Hotel Martinhal earlier this month and to say that they were huge successes would be an understatement! Despite being one of the most successful Michelin-star chefs from London, Alfred is so humble and patient and did a fantastic job in rallying our Portuguese team around him to learn about Michelin-star style Indian cuisine. Our guests loved the gastro creations around Hotel Martinhal’s historical location in Sagres which is inextricably linked with Portugal’s Age of Discoveries – during which time the connection between Portugal and India was first made. Alfred’s creations for the special menu told a story while tantalizing our palates.. Superb from amuse bouche to dessert. Thank you so much Alfred!